With a HOLLOW CENTRE so you can add your own WAND CORE!
Weird & Wonderful
for aspiring Witches, Wizards & Warlocks

Each wand is hand whittled out of salvaged wood and bored with a 8 cm hole in which you can insert your own magic core! For example a feather you have found, a strand of a pet or your own hair, or that stray unicorn hair you picked up recently. The insertable length is approximately 7 cm as the wand comes with a custom cut plug which can be pressed in by hand. This can only be done ONCE so please pick your special core carefully.

The wand comes in a box as pictured, packed with shredded paper. The box has 'shop shelf labels' on each end and the top, stating the type of wood and length of the wand, with a space for you to write the type of core you chose to insert.
Standard measurements range from 17 to 20 inches long as each wand is cut from the rescued wood available.
Currently the available wands have been made from a Mahogany table from a telescope makers workshop, whose name was Ronald Irving and who worked in Kingston Upon Thames for most of his life.

The box will also include a leaflet on wand cores and usage, please note this leaflet contains fan written information based on the Harry Potter universe.

Other woods are available on request but we cannot guarantee to find a particular wood. Wands can be made custom order. If no request is made before purchasing, then one will be sent randomly from stock.

The box and shredded paper are all handmade by us using salvaged paper.

Do contact us via the form for custom orders or requests as to what is already made up in stock.

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